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Thread: Pennsylvania Help needed

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    Default Pennsylvania Help needed

    I want to do a drive around- been there/done that- type trip in PA where I hit some of the more famous rivers, either a day or half day on each. That way I can return on future trips to what I like most. In any event I NEED HELP.
    1. LeTort Spring Run. I once stopped off while passing through and saw the Park in Downtown Carlisle- not any trout. In any event it would seem a lot of the stream is private. Where can I get public access? What would be some of the better places to fish?
    2. Brodhead- other end of the state- same thing- what would be some public access areas?
    3. Penn's Creek- a pretty long river- I could waste a day just scouting it out. What would be a few of the better areas with public access?
    4. Fisherman's Paradise. Is it really paradise???
    5. White Deer Creek- someone said it was pretty small water. True?
    6. Any other recommended streams?
    Thanks for any help. I know there are maps, etc- but they are often either confusing or wrong- real life help always best.

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    Default Re: Pennsylvania Help needed

    There are plenty of fish in Fishermans Paradise, and I mean plenty! I don't know the particulars of stocking etc at fishermans paradise, but the two times I have been there you could practically walk from one side to the other on dorsal fins. If you are close already it is worth the stop. I found plenty of fish in the paradise shore fishing only area, but preferred a few other areas of Spring Creek; not as many fish, but no company.

    From what I have learned and heard, Penns Creek can be tricky. I have been on the "self guided" trip there twice also. On my first trip we got screwed out of any fish by a MONSTER caddis hatch. Three days into it and there were no hungry trout left. There were caddis stacked on top of caddis on top of caddis on every rock in the stream. A trout could have eaten 20 flies by nibbling the upstream side of any half submerged rock. We had bug nets on our heads becaus we would have eaten our fill if we didn't. The second time was some mayfly action. We managed a few trout, but spent half the day wandering. So in short, you are right to get some pinpoint information if you are heading to Penns.

    Hopefully Ard can help you out if you don't get any clear info soon enough. He spent plenty of years wandering in PA and gave me a long list of places that I should get to.

    Fishing creek is worth a trip if you are close also. There are several good streams in that central part of the state.

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    Default Re: Pennsylvania Help needed

    Thanks- help all the help I can get.

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    Default Re: Pennsylvania Help needed

    The Letort is tricky, probably one of the most technical in the state. Lots of finicky trout that are uber-spooky. If you fish it 8 hours and don't catch anything, your like a lot of other people. I don't want to dissuade you, just warn you. Here are a couple of sites on the Letort:

    Letort Spring Run - Letort

    Fly Fishing Pennsylvania's Letort Spring Run

    Don't know much about the other streams you've mentioned, their all more west of where I'm at. If your heading more east send me a PM and I can get you some more info of near me. Also, when are you planning this trip?
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    Default Re: Pennsylvania Help needed

    You won't find much public water on the Broadhead.

    Best idea for the NEPA area is to get in touch with a local Fly Shop and let them steer you toward the best streams at the time that you're there. There are a large number of good trout steams in this area. In Blakeslee, try AA Outfitters; they really know the local waters.

    AA Outfitters Fly Fishing - fly shop, fly rods, reels, fishing, gear

    In NEPA, here are some suggestions:

    Broadhead Creek (you have that one already)
    Paradise Creek
    Tobyhanna Creek
    Tunkhannock Creek
    Mud Run
    Pocono Creek
    Swiftwater Creek
    Appenzell Creek
    McMichael's Creek
    Devil's Hole Creek
    Big Bushkill Creek (at the Resica Falls Boy Scout camp)

    If you like to bushwhack, then there are an almost unlistable number of tribs that fish very well; particularly for native Brookies. For example, try Stoney Run, where it empties into Broadhead Creek. Another would be Kistler Run, where it empties into Tobyhanna Creek. Still another would be Hickory Run, where it empties into Mud Run. Or Mud Run where it empties into the Little Lehigh River.

    If you're in central PA, then don't miss the Little J. (Little Juniata); really nice trout fishery and with some good open public access points. Also, Penn's Creek is a really nice fishery.


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