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    Default Southwest VA trout streams??????

    I live in Elliston, VA (prob 20 min out of roanoke). I am not the most experinced fly fisherman, but i know what im doing...just not enough to find a good trout stream in the area (avoiding stocked areas, because they are fished really hard). My question is if anybody has some secrets that they are willing to tell, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

    P.S. If you need a fishing partner let me know. Im 21 and i work weekdays 8-5. So if your looking for someone to fish with let me know!
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    Default Re: Southwest VA trout streams??????

    Welcome to the Forum, if you do a new member introduction you will get better exposure............... but I'll be a good fella and say .......... When I lived in VA. I took several trips to the Danville area. You are looking for the Dan River and be ready to do some hiking. Two ways in; access way upstream by road (I did not use that) or cross the reservoir in a canoe and then hike up the river. Fewer people on the bottom end, nice place good fishing. Search it up and take a trip, I did.

    Disclaimer: I speak of adventures in the years 1992 - 1993, things may change in 18 years.

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    I live in Roanoke. Best trout streams are the Smith river (stocked, but has a special reg area), Roaring run, jennings creek and north creek are good in the upper sections, and Mossy Creek is supposed to be awesome, but I haven't been there yet.

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    The Piney river is great for awesome natural brookies and Mossy holds some of the best browns that I have ever fished, but you need to get a special permit from the state. Just google mossy creek and you can find out how to get the permit (and it's free)

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    You can only take 2 fish 20"+ from Mossy per day, so they can get big. Just contact the DGIF office in Verona and let them know you want a Mossy Creek permit, and they'll mail one to you. There are a lot of fish in Mossy, but it gets fished pretty heavily and the trout are SPOOKY.

    Beaver Creek is relatively close to Mossy Creek. I believe only 5 people are allowed to fish it per day, and you pick up a permit from a gas station near Ottobine. You will just need to make a $5 donation to Trout Unlimited each time you get a permit (if 5 people haven't beaten you to it, that is). I've fished both Mossy and Beaver several times and have caught more fish out of Beaver. I'm not that great a fly fisherman, and the spooky browns of Mossy Creek frustrate me to no end sometimes.

    There are some good native brook trout streams in National Forest in Augusta and Rockingham Counties. I grew up in Staunton and can't say what all is down your way around Roanoke- never fished down there.

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    If you want to fish mossy or beaver let me know. I'm free on Fridays and week ends and live within 30 mins of both places. To fish mossy you need a permit from the game commission in Verona, beaver creek is by permit and cost 5 dollars per day, only 4 permits are issued per day so pressure is low.

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