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    Default Any trout near Gaithersburg, Maryland?

    What would be the closest trout fishing near Gaithersburg, Maryland?

    Is there good fly fishing within a reasonable distance?

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    Default Re: Any trout near Gaithersburg, Maryland?

    Although I've never been, I've heard the Gunpowder is pretty good. There's also some very good streams in PA around Carlisle. That wouldn't be too far from Gaithersburg.

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    The hereford area of gunpower is a nice area to fish. That or the pretty boy dam.

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    Default Re: Any trout near Gaithersburg, Maryland?

    In my seminary days, I traveled through that region a few times. Not sure how far you want to drive, but Catoctin Mountain Park near the PA border has trout. Here's a link to the fishing page of the National Park Service sight:

    Also, Shenandoah National Park in VA has trout and Antietam National Battlefield in Sharpsburg, MD lists brookies, browns, and rainbows as species in Antietam Creek. They do let you fish in the creek, but close certain parts of the stream to protect the historically valuable. I can't vouch for the quality of the trout fishing, but a few phone calls should get you the information you need. Here's the link to Antietam:

    I never had the opportunity to fish these places, but they are worth a visit simply to sight-see.

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    around patspatco state park their is some good fishing. me and a buddy are going to the daniels damn area this weekend. go to the maryland dnr page and look around you'll find all the stocking locations and all the fishing locations.

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    Just yesterday, DNR stocked some giant rainbow trout. My stream got a good stocking of 14+'ers. I even got a 17 inch, 1 pound bow. There were more and bigger ones. Check their site for stocking locations.

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