I didn't find a whole lot of info on Hogue Creek on the web so this is to give a good overview of access to water.

From Winchester VA, take rt 50 west to Hayfield VA, only about 10 minutes out of town. Take a right on rt 600/ North Hayfield Road. About a quarter mile down 600, take a right on to Indian Hollow road. Follow it until you cross the bridge over the creek. Its the only creek so you won't get lost. Park along side the road, theres enough parking for 10+ cars and it gets busy after stocking. There is a sign posted by the owner of the land allowing fishing access but no other access for hunting or other activities. There is a gate on the far side of the bridge which has a sign asking people not to block it. From what I know, the owner uses the gate daily. There is plenty of parking, so you won't be forced to park there. I ask people to be respectful of this because this is private land and the owner could easily block access.

The creek is stocked a few times a year by the state, but gets heavy pressure. I went the day after the years first stocking and fished for 4 hours and didn't get one bite. There is a nice hole about 20 yards from the bridge, but unless you followed the stocking truck in, I wouldn't waste too much time there. I haven't been upstream, but if you are going downstream, stay on the east side of the creek. There is a lot of cut in banks on the west side with a 10 foot drop to the creek. The height would be nice to spot fish, but you are going to have a fun time landing any fish.

Waders aren't needed and even if I brought them along, I wouldn't bother. If you have waterproof boots up to your knees, I would wear them. You could easily find places to cross with these.

While I like the idea of having a stocked stream very close to Winchester, there just isn't much to offer, especially to fly anglers. If you are in Winchester and reading this, I suggest Passage Creek between Strasburg and Front Royal. I'm not willing to give away my spots on passage though

All the best
Alec B