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  1. Default Fishing New River in VA

    Hi Everyone,
    My son and I are canoeing down New River as part of Boy Scout Summer Camp, from Camp Powahatan. To Hinton. What can we expect during June 10 - 14th as far as best flies to use, species of fish we should expect, best places to stop off at, etc?
    We are very new to flyfishing and are excited at the prospect of freshwater flyfishing. Thanks.


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    To Hinton, WV? That's a good haul to say the least.

    I'd use terrestrials (grasshoppers, crickets) and streamers. Something with some flash to it. You'll be in some good smallmouth water.

    Good luck and welcome to the board.
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    Thanks. I believe it is 50 miles in 4 or 5 days, i think it should be good.


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    I have fished it a couple times this season, and I have been getting good feedback on flashy green streamers. But to be honest, anything that shines is going to be eaten by something in that area. Expect all types of panfish, small mouth, large mouth, I have caught muskie, there are cats too. Its a very diverse river.

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