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Thread: Rapidan in June

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    Hello! My buddies and I will be fishing the Rapidan (and Rose) on June 23rd. We're all fairly new to the sport and any advice is welcome. We could especially use some advice on fly selection for this time of year. Any advice?

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    Welcome. I fished both a couple years ago, although it was only the upper sections where boatloads of native brookies are. There aren't really any secret spots as both of the rivers are in the National Park. Both upper sections are choked with boulders and trees, so positioning yourself in order to make a cast without scaring the fish is numero uno. I used a 7ft 3 wt rod and that was perfect. 5 to 7 ft leader is all you need to, anything longer you risk getting tangled up.
    Fly selection is pretty straight forward...MR RAPIDAN...Thats the only fly I used on both rivers. I would stop in to Murrays Fly shop and talk to the guys there as they know the Park in and out like the back of their hand.
    There's a start for you, hope that helps.

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    Thanks, ghocevar! The fly fishing gods must have read this thread. I found a good deal on a 7' 3/4 St. Croix Imperial on CL yesterday! I look forward to using it! And we will be sure to hit Murray's on our way in. Tight lines!

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    Replied to your message. Let me know if you didn't get it.

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    I'll be up there this weekend also! My best piece of advice is to hike away from the car. The farther up the stream you hike, the better the fishing. Presentation matters a lot more than pattern. Something with a beadhead ticking the bottom is usually the best.

    If you want dries, anything that rides high, like a royal coachman or EHC will do well. Size 18-14 is probably best, imho.

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