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  1. Default Elk Creek, Walnut Creek steelhead dates?

    I'm from NE Ohio and typically fly fish for steelhead on the Chagrin in early spring. I'm planning on making my way up to Elk and Walnut in NW PA this fall for steelhead as well.

    I keep hearing that early September - October is when they start showing up in the streams. Does anyone have more of a concrete timeframe of when to start venturing up there?

    Will the water temp be low enough in the first or second weekend in Sept to start seeing some silvers migrating up past the log jam at Elk?

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    Default Re: Elk Creek, Walnut Creek steelhead dates?

    mdogs, you may have figured this out over the last month, but just in case you are still wondering, the best place to gather information about conditions around the Erie, PA streams is It has a "fishing report" section that is updated daily during steelhead season and also alot of links for weather conditions, including water temperature, water flow, precipitation, etc. for Walnut Creek.

    I understand that steelhead are starting to run right about now but the action will not heat up too much until the water temps drop a little more (50-60 degrees is ideal) and they get some more rain. I just started fishing the Erie PA tributaries last year but from what I see, it looks like October and November are usually the prime months...precipitation permitting.

    Good luck!

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