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    iv started this thread for the mayrland fly fisherman. Its open for discussion on such things as area fly shops, trout streams, what the local hatch has been, and fly fishing clubs. my main purpose for starting this thread is im having trouble finding these things in my area area.

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    Where in Md? I belong to a club in De. saltwater fly anglers of delaware Saltwater Fly Anglers of Delaware I would try trout unlimited maybe they have a chapter near you??

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    im in washington county now i actully used to live in ocean city unfourtanitly i was not fly fishing then what part of delaware are u in i used to go up to coin beach and do a lot of surf fishing

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    I almost forgot there is a really good fly shop in Salisbury Md, Salisbury fly shop google it. Mason the owner could probally hook you up even if you are to far away he knows alot of people thru out Md. I mostly stick to the salt on the eastern shore.

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    I'm in Lewes

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    thanks a lot i will do so right now the best i got for fly gear is dicks and walmart and im sure u know how that selection is

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    Brendan hi: My advice is - go west young man! You are now not too far from Garrett County, where the best trout fly fishing action in the state of Maryland is to be found. 4 major trout fishing rivers - the Casselman, the Savage, the Youghiegeny (Yock) and the north branch of the Potomac are all within a couple of hours drive from you. I am not a fisherman myself, but own and operate a bed and breakfast right on the Casselman River (we have six and a half acres of riverfront on the property, publicly accessible) so I can testify to the great sport here from conversations with the many fisherman who come and stay with us each spring and fall. The Casselman is stocked by the DNR, the Savage has naturally reproducing trout, the Yoch is a mix of both. All the current record size species catches in the state have been landed in Garrett County - what more could you ask (and I didn't even mention Deep Creek Lake which is also very fishable). The Potomac Branch of Trout Unlimited can tell you all you need to know, and we have great guide services here - especially Allegheny Expeditions and Howard Harsch (Spring Creek Outfitter) - check them out on the web. The Wisp Resort at Deep Creek Lake has an authorised Orvis shop on site. Come up I68 and do some fishing- we will be stocking early next month!
    Cathy & Julyen, The Stonebow Inn, Grantsville, MD

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    hey thanks alot

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    I've been working thru Gelso and Coburn's great book - Guide to Maryland Trout Fishing - it has great info, maps, recommendations, etc. It will put you on the right track.

    I recommend you also do some generic searches - you can find a lot of info right on the web. For example - do "north branch" trout for the North Branch of the Potomac or "Hoyes Run" trout for the Yawk, etc.

    Getting the book puts you on the right track.

    In terms of fly shops, they are getting scarcer - I recommend you just click on some of the sponsored links on this forum to get your gear.

    The recommendation on TU is good as well - many of the TU chapters have fish with a member trips that will put you in the right place at the right time.

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    hey i'm a maryland fly fisher also. although i'm on the eastern shore, i'm not to far from gun powder falls and the daniels dam area where i mainly go. i usually get my gear from Bass Pro Shops in the arundal mills mall. their fly shop is pretty good, and most of the people that i've encountered that work at it know alot about how to fish maryland rivers.

    oh yeah and like switchfisher said read that book about maryland fly fishing, my buddie has it and it's great.

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