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  1. Default 2 Days to fish in Virginia, where to go for trout?

    I am from the UK and working in the Dulles area in the coming weeks. I will have a weekend free and want to do some fly fishing. I'm looking for anywhere I can throw a dry ideally. I would rather fish smaller waters and I only want Trout.

    Last time in the area I fished the Special regs part of the South River, thanks to some great advice from the guys in South River fly shop. Now I'm doing research and thinking about other areas but there seems to be so many possibilities and its hard from afar to know what's the best choice. As its a weekend I'm thinking two locations not far from each other would be good. The Mossy River seems to have some nice fish but will that be busy on a September weekend? The rapidian river looked interesting?

    I will have my own gear and do not particularly want the expense of a guided trip. I'd really appreicate any advice or suggestions, you can PM me if you want to keep your secrets safe.
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    Default Re: 2 Days to fish in Virginia, where to go for trout?

    I live in Northern Virginia and work in Dulles.

    Your best bet is west for trout streams of any type. PM me.
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    Default Re: 2 Days to fish in Virginia, where to go for trout?

    Hey stream_line,
    I live in VA near Dulles. You can PM me. I am a New to flyfishing. I throw a line in when I can.
    We don't have a real good Fly Fishing shop here. The best is the Orvis, Vienna, VA. They are good but "Orvis"...
    I am planning to put a line in so PM me.
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