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    Question: Waders or no waders for the Hughes? From most of the pics I've seen I can't decide if I should wear them or not. Any ideas?

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    I usually wet wade and just wear the neophrene socks. If you decide to use waders, you do not need anything but hip. It's shallow and there is usually no need to actually get in the water... things are tight and close.

    I've never worn waders up there and have fished as early as mid-March.

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    I also like to wet wade in the Park streams in swim trunks with my wading boots and neoprene socks. I do feel like it's necessary to get in the water though and I have worn my waders in the early season. If you have hip boots or waist-high waders you'll probably appreciate them in the early season. If not, take your chest waders and then decide based on the conditions.

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    We just returned from an overnight trip up to Corbin Cabin along the Hughes River last weekend (2/16). Staying at the rustic cabin was a unique experience. It is well provisioned with kitchen supplies, has a fireplace and woodburning stove, and it is located on a beautiful section of the Hughes. It was clean and we could tell that the people that use it respect it for what it is. A privy is up hill for those private moments. We didn't fish, but our TU Chapter regularly takes trips out to fish the Hughes. Closest way in is from Skyline Drive (about 1 mile down to the cabin). We came in from the Old Rag Parking Lot and it was about 4 miles of gentle to moderately steep grades with some neat river crossings. If you like to be in the woods and can deal with some rustic, you can't go wrong with Corbin Cabin. BTW, hip boots would be helpful with fishing. Also, my understanding is that fishing picks up in March when we get some scattered warm days that bring the water temps up. I was told that olive coloring is a good choice with your flys and that was consistent with the coloring of some of the invertibrates that we found in the river. Hope this helps.

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    Well, my trip is soon approaching! We're heading there on Saturday morning, and I was hoping to get a word on how the conditions have been lately. I'm sure we're past the big hatches of the season, but we're still looking forward to it. I checked the weather forecast and we're looking at high 70's or low 80's, so the days should be beautiful up there. Any words of wisdom or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks all who've posted their notes and reco's!

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    There's been plenty of rain lately, flows are good. You will be able to fish all dry flies. Have sulfurs, yellow, tan and black caddis, tiny stimulators, royal anything, and adams. Parking is tough up in Nicholson Hollow on weekends because of the Old Rag hikers - park in the lot. Don't worry - not many of them will be fishing. Or just go over to the Rose. Walk a ways before you fish. If you are living right, you may see some sz 10 Green drakes and giant black stones in the evenings - Don't worry, SNP brookies rarely eat them. And they don't come off in numbers. Enjoy the trip.


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    The trip was just awesome! We hiked in from Skyline and stayed at the cabin for a few days. We were able to fish all the way down the river, basically as long as we wanted to hike down. The first day, I went down, in and out to the river from the trail, sometimes thick brush, sometimes the river is close to the trail, but by the time I was done fishing, and started to hike back, I was about 2 hrs. down river! The three of us that went caught probably 20 or so brook trout of various sizes, but none big enough to keep. The biggest were a few 8 inchers that we got, big enough to measure, but not to keep. I remember finding one pool that I fished for probably an hour and got 3 hits in one spot! My beginner skills missed the hit each time, but after each hit I'd cast to another spot and slowly come back to the little spot and get another hit! It was a ton of fun. The backpacking part of the trip was one of the hardest things I've ever done since the hike out is about 1 mile, back up the side of the mountain, but the fishing was just a blast. The stop at the emergency room on the way out of the park is another story, but a week of prednisone and I was back to normal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by switchfisher View Post
    I hiked in from the lower Hughes almost to the Corbin Cabin flat section back in 2006

    If you go to Corbin Cabin from the top, you will be really close to that section. I can send you a link to the trip report I wrote on the Hughes if you want more detail.

    I was a spin guy back in 2006. I'd like to go back and try it again with my long rod now.
    I would like to read your report too, if you wouldn't mind. I'm in the N.W. VA area, and I'm putting together some gear to start exploring the fishing in the SNP area this Spring.

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    Here is the link to the SNP reports

    No secrets revealed - all these places are well known and documented in the Flyfisher's Guide to Virginia and the VDGIF stocking plan - both are good references for anyone looking for places to go.

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