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    Look forward to becoming involved in this forum. My buddy "Rover" encouraged me to check it out, and it looks packed with good information. I fish in Erie, Pa for great lakes steelhead, and it is my second year in the addictive sport. I jumped right into the fly rod, and it has changed my fishing life. It is hard to put down. I tie about 90% of my flies myself, and there is no better feeling than catching a elusive, speedy, and bulky fish on my own flies.

    Archery season and even rifle season is getting harder to do now that i fly fish for steelhead. I became even more involved with the sport when i took my friend "Rover" up for his first time. He is a great fly fisherman and look forward to many more trips in the coming years.

    Thank You and look forward to this forum.

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    Well that "Rover" guy sure sounds like an awesome character.

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    Hi flyfishfever,

    Welcome to the forum. Rover has fit right in and its great that you are now on board. Looking forward to your post.


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    You seem like a cheerful guy Frank.

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