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reelfinatic68 11-25-2012 07:16 AM

Need a trout stream
Does anybody know a decent place to fly fish a stream in the Monmouth County area in NJ? I know a ton of places but they are all an hour or more away. Looking for something somewhat local.

I tried a few spots on the Manasquan river but was very hard to fish. Lots of trees. Thanx.

theboz 11-30-2012 01:23 AM

Re: Need a trout stream
Really don't know any streams in Monmouth County but there are enough guys from NJ here that I'm sure you'll get some info.
But I will make a recommendation trees and streams go together especially in this part of the US. Learn to rollcast , try upstream casting , wade to where the trees are no longer a hinderance. Trees are nice to look at and they improve the ecosystem of the stream. If you don't want trees go to a pay to fish trout park! Learn to enjoy them and you'll have better times on the stream. Hope you find a good one close to home.

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Update-- a friend who grew up down there messaged me that the North Branch of the Mettedeconk River near Lakewood supports a good year round trout fisherie. Didn't know if he spelled it right but he said it was a solid trout stream!

reelfinatic68 11-30-2012 04:47 AM

Re: Need a trout stream
Thanx! I like trees. I just don't like when they eat my flies and lures. :D

I will give the Mettedeconk River a try one of these days. I can always bring the spinning gear. ;)

schiff 11-30-2012 07:20 AM

Re: Need a trout stream
I have to agree...trees are good. I think that is the only reason they make fly rods so long, like 9 feet. So you can reach up to the branch that has your fly. On a serious note, I use a 7 foot rod for streams with lots of brush and trees. Easier to avoid those obstacles. Good Luck!

noreaster 11-30-2012 07:41 AM

Re: Need a trout stream
Not sure about your area, however I use Google Maps to focus in on my area to find bodies of water that are out of the way or fished less. It proved very handy. You might want to try zooming in on your area and see if there might be places you overlooked or didn't know about.


wt bash 11-30-2012 07:41 AM

Re: Need a trout stream
I grew up in Monmouth Co. and know the Manasquan pretty well. Its not wading friendly and a bear to fish but if you can find the right area close to the estuary there are hidden surprises in there. The county though is severely limited on trout streams, there is the Hockhockson Brook in Tinton Falls (fairly lame), there is another in Colts Neck I can't remember the name (not really worth remembering), and unfortunately that might be it. Most, if not all only get stocked with surplus so they don't really see alot of fish and get fished out quick. The Conk or Metedeconk and the Toms are close enough in Ocean Co. and get a ton on fish like the Manasquan but there are not your typical trout water like further north and west. The S.B. Raritan is only about an hours drive from Atlantic Highlands and its worth it to hit the Gorge.

reelfinatic68 12-01-2012 10:55 AM

Re: Need a trout stream
Thanx for the replies. I grew up in north Jersey and know a lot of good streams up there to fish. I also know a few spots in central Jersey too. I was just hoping there were a few spots local for quick trips. There are some good lakes around me I fish with the kayak but I prefer stream fishing for trout. Oh well, an hour drive to fish is better then no fishing at all. ;)

wt bash 12-01-2012 12:08 PM

Re: Need a trout stream
The Hock is actually kinda surprising. Last time I was there was July 2011 the air was 98 and the pool by the old Grist Mill restaurant held plenty of stocker brookies. It's not great fishing but a good enough reason to get outside.

njfly 12-27-2012 09:55 AM

Re: Need a trout stream
The Toms is the only thing i can think of. It is a TCA and has plenty of brookies that are stocked. Other than that you are going to have to do some driving. Most of the quality water is at least an hour from where you are.

only adipose 12-27-2012 10:18 AM

Re: Need a trout stream
I have been in Monmouth County all week for Christmas and was poking around, found this, and thought of this threat. I have been trying to get out but this dam weather almost lost all our cars and two outboards in another flood last night!!! I 2nd Bill on the Hock thing, got a Rainbow there on chirstmas day. I would no reccomend that stream to anyone, hell I hate going there, but if you hard up and only have a hour or show seems to be good for one or two.... Anyway:

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJ DEP), Division of Fish and Wildlife (DF&W) has designated fresh water streams in the state with the following classifications:
Fresh Water-1 (FW1) are those fresh waters that are to be maintained in their natural state of quality (set aside for posterity) and not subjected to any man-made wastewater discharges or increases in runoff from anthropogenic activities. These waters are set aside for posterity because of their clarity, color, scenic setting, other characteristic of aesthetic value, unique ecological significance, exceptional recreational significance, exceptional water supply significance, or exceptional fisheries resource.
Fresh Water-2 (FW2) is the general surface water classification applied to those fresh waters that are not designated as FW1 or Pine lands Waters (PL).
In addition to the FW1 and FW2 classification, the NJ DEP also has also designated some fresh water streams as:

Non-trout waters (NT). These waters are generally not suitable for trout because of their physical, chemical, or biological characteristics, but are suitable for a wide variety of other fish species.
Trout Maintenance waters - (TM) means waters that will support trout throughout the year.
Trout Production waters - (TP) means waters designated for trout for spawning or nursery purposes. These waters are not always stocked each year and none have been classified TP within the watersheds in Monmouth and Ocean county.
Pine lands waters - (PL) means all waters within the boundaries of the Pinelands Area.
Following is the classifications of streams and rivers Ocean and Monmouth County by drainage:

Navesink River Drainage

HOCKHOCKSON BROOK (Colts Neck) - Entire length FW2-TM
Pine Brook (Cooks Mill) Entire length - TM
Hop Brook (Holmdel) Entire length - TM

Shark River Drainage

SHARK RIVER - (Colts Neck) - Source to Rt. 33; FW2-NT
(Neptune) - Rt. 33 to Brighton Ave. bridge, Glendola; FW2-TM
(Glendola) - Brighton Ave. bridge to Atlantic Ocean; FW2-NT.

Manasquan River Drainage

The MANASQUAN RIVER - MAIN STEM which is designated as TM (FW2 TM) as follows;
(Freehold) - Source to Rt. 9 bridge.
(Howell) - Rt. 9 bridge to the West Farms Road Bridge in Howell Township,
(Howell) - West Farms Road Bridge in Howell Township to the downstream boundary of Manasquan River Wildlife Management Area.

TRIBUTARIES to the MANASQUAN RIVER are classified as follows;
(Adelphia) - Entire length is classified as non trout (FW2-NT).
(Allaire) - Those portions of the first and second southerly tributaries west of the Hospital Rd. which are located entirely within the boundaries of Allaire State Park are classified as Trout Maintenance (TM).
(Mill Run) - Entire length of Mill Run, including Brisbane Lake and its tributaries FW1 NT
(Allaire State Park) -- The easterly tributary to Mill Run upstream of Brisbane Lake, located entirely within the Allaire State Park boundaries, is classified as FW1-TM.
(Freehold) - Tributaries within the boundaries of Turkey Swamp Wildlife Management Area are classified as FW2-NT.

(Farmingdale) - Entire length, is FW2-TM except East Branch.
EAST BRANCH --(Farmingdale) - Source to confluence with mainstem north of Farmingdale FW2-NT.

Toms River Drainage

(Holmeson) - Source to Rt. 528 bridge, Cassville-- FW2-NT
(Van Hiseville) - Rt. 528 bridge to Rt. 547 bridge in Whitesville, -- PL(TM)
(Whitesville) - Rt. 547 bridge to Pinelands Protection and Preservation Area boundaries at the NJ Central Railroad tracks, except tributaries described separately, under Tributaries below. -- PL(TM)
(Manchester) - NJ Central Railroad tracks to Rt. 571 bridge, except tributaries described separately, under Tributaries below. -- FW2-TM
(Toms River) - Rt. 571 bridge to Barnegat Bay, except tributaries described separately, under Tributaries below. -- FW2-NT

(Holmeson) - Tributaries within the boundaries of the Pinelands Protection and Preservation Area. -- PL TM
(Van Hiseville) - All tributaries outside the boundaries of the Pinelands Protection and Preservation Area which enter the River between the Rt. 528 bridge, Cassville, and the Rt. 547 bridge, PL TM
Whitesville, except Dove's Mill Branch described separately below. -- FW2-TM
(Toms River) - All tributaries within the boundaries of the Pine lands Protection and Preservation Area. -- PL TM
(Manchester) - NJ Central Railroad tracks to Rt. 571 bridge, except tributaries described separately, under Tributaries below FW2-TM
(Archer's Corners) - All tributaries outside the boundaries of the Pinelands Protection Area and within the boundaries of Colliers Mills Wildlife Management Area. -- FW2-NT

(Van Hiseville) - Entire length, except the segment described separately below. - FW2-NT
(Holmansville) - Stream and tributaries within Butterfly Bogs Wildlife Management Area. FW2-NT.

MAPLE ROOT BRANCH (Jackson) - Source to confluence with Toms River.-- PL-NT

Metedeconk River Drainage

(Jackson) Clear Stream Entire length FW2 -. TM
(Lakewood) - Entire length, including all tributaries FW2-NT.

METEDECONK RIVER- NORTH BRANCH (Freehold) - Source to Aldrich Rd., including all tributaries FW2-NT.
(Lakewood) - Aldrich Rd. to Lanes Mills, FW2-TM.
(Brick) - Lanes Mills to confluence with Metedeconk River, South Branch, including the westerly tributary FW2-NT.

(Brick) - Confluence of North and South branches to Forge Pond FW2-NT. (Brick) - Forge Pond to Barnegat Bay FW2-NT


Surface Water Quality Standards N. J. A. C. 7:9B, NEW JERSEY DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION June 2005

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