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Thread: Big Hunting Creek - Upper (MD)

  1. Default Big Hunting Creek - Upper (MD)

    In December, I took a run out to Big Hunting Creek and fished the upper section (above the parking lot).

    Not much for water. My fishing buddy found one nice pool that had a few guys in it, but elsewhere in this stretch the water was pretty dang skinny.

    We worked up from the parking lot by the bridge. In the spring, does this section get any better? I don't remember it being notable when I took a quick recon of this before fishing the gorge section


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    Default Re: Big Hunting Creek - Upper (MD)

    Pretty stream, but it does indeed look thirsty.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    I think this steam has been loved to death as it is as well known in this area as the Gunpowder. I did have a great time on it in late April in the Gorge section, but that may have just been luck. I was there on a low pressure day, maybe right after they stocked it and caught some nice brookies.

    I've also been told that it's a bit better above the lake that feeds the stream. I might have to check that out later in the season.

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