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  1. Default Patapsco MD - Bass Catch and Release area

    My last trip of the year before I hunker down and wait for the official start of Spring (the Bass Pro Shop's Spring Fling in early March :-)), found me walking down the railroad tracks in a desperate search for fishy life in the Patapsco River.

    There is a decent stretch of bass catch and release water a few miles downstream of the Daniels Dam area where they stock trout that starts where I70 crosses the river. Having struck out for late season trout, I figured that I'd tempt the smallies one more time.

    This stretch is wide and generally featureless with long shallow stretches that offer a clear view of a featureless bottom with no sign of life. The few deep spots at the end of our summer of drought are on the west bank where the river turns and runs against it. Few rocks, few trees... not much structure.

    Of course my ego assures me that my lack of luck has nothing to do with my minimal new fly guy skills and everything to do with the weather, the season, and my lack of time to fully work the good holes.

    I only had two hours and tried a few poppers in the huge hole with the only good water tree and then switched to nymphs and streamers.

    The fish have to be here. I'll be back.

  2. Default Re: Patapsco MD - Bass Catch and Release area

    I fish around Marriotsville road often where the railroad tracks cross over the road. There is a small park and ride on your right if you're heading towards R40E. Walk upstream along the tracks until you come to a railroad bride/tunnel that cuts through the hillside. There are several large holes and great runs that start there and go about a mile upstream from that location. I have caught an abundance of nice bass, and even several beautiful trout including rainbows, browns and golden. If you ever have the chance to do so its a great spot to check out.
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