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MVealey 04-18-2013 03:43 PM

Savage River MD suggestions
A couple of friends and myself are thinking of making a day trip to the Savage (from Baltimore). None of us have fished it before. Can anybody come up with a good plan of attach on the river for first timers. I'm the weakest of the bunch having only been at this for a couple of years on and off but my buds are pretty good.

Also, what fly shops are nearby so we can check in with the locals and pick up a few flys of what's working.

Any other suggestions are welcome...


dhaynes 04-19-2013 08:44 AM

Re: Savage River MD suggestions
Savage River Outfitters is probably the best source of information about current conditions on the river. The lower river is actually quite short with a road running alongside the entire way. There are numerous access points. One of the easier places to access and wade is near the pedestrian bridge @ 2/3 the way up the river road. The folks at SRO will clue you in to where to go.

If you've never fished the lower Savage before you should be prepared for some dicey wading. Cleats or boot studs and a wading staff are highly recommended. The river is filled with round, bowling ball size rocks which seem to be covered in vaseline!

The link below will take you to Savage River Outfitters even though is appears to say otherwise.

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