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oregonman 04-21-2013 01:04 PM

Maryland help requested!
Hi all,

I'll be in Maryland for a meeting in mid-June. I'm thinking about sticking around for 2 or 3 days after my meeting to fish. I've rarely fished further east than Colorado and certainly never in Maryland.

My first question is stripers or trout?

I love catching stripers. Are there any decent placed to walk and wade or is it mostly a boat show out there?

As far as trout, it looks like there may be some good streams. The names I've come across are Savage River, N. Fk. Potomac,Yough, and Big Gunpowder Falls. Would you pick one of these (or one I may have missed) over striper fishing and if so which one?

Thanks for any advice you may have.


bigjim5589 04-21-2013 01:26 PM

Re: Maryland help requested!
Although I don't do much trout fishing these days, that may be your best bet if you intend to go it alone. If you'll be in Baltimore, the Gunpowder would be the easiest access & closest river. There is a fly fishing only section there too.
There is a couple of fly shops nearby & they can provide some good information. They also have guide services available if you're so inclined to go that route.

Those other rivers are a bit of a drive, but frankly the entire state can be accessed from one end to the other in about 6 hours. From Baltimore or the Washington, DC area you can get to those rivers in a few hours.

For Striper fishing, your best bet would be to hire one of the guides who specialize in fly fishing. Otherwise, the only place I know where you might have some success would be the Susquehanna River below Conowingo Dam. There is shore access along much of Harford County side. (Susquehanna State Park) However, being the river is subject to strong currents from the dam,(hydroelectric) that can be hit or miss with wading, not to mention extremely dangerous at times. That river is also full of very large rocks which makes wading difficult, although not impossible when the conditions are favorable.

Most any place else would require a boat or other watercraft of some type. We don't have a lot of wadeable water as the bottoms here are primarily soft mud, which can be quite deep.

Kent Narrows, which is what separates Kent Island from the rest of the Eastern Shore is another place that can provide shore fishing, but not much in the way of wading. Fly fishing is not impossible, but may not be practical.
US RT 50/301 crosses the Narrows & there is a boat ramp & shore fishing right under the bridge. It's operated by Queen Annes County & requires a permit to launch a boat, or to even park & fish. Last time I purchased the permit it was $25 for the year, but don't know if that has changed.

dhaynes 04-21-2013 04:05 PM

Re: Maryland help requested!
BigJim (above) covers it pretty well... But I will add that, if you are in Baltimore, you can easily fish the spring creeks of South Central Pennsylvania in less than 2 hours... Yellow Breeches, Letort, Falling Springs, Cordorus and numerous others are closer to B'more than the Western Maryland Streams. From my house north of B'more, I can be on the water on the Yellow Breeches in 1.5 hours. For a western fisherman, the PA streams will offer a really new fishing experience. These streams are well covered on the internet; a google search will give you a ton of information on fishing conditions.

diamond rush 04-22-2013 08:12 AM

Re: Maryland help requested!
If you haven't considered it, you might think about smallmouth bass fishing also. The upper Potomac and Susquehanna are both within an hour's drive and the best river smallmouth fisheries, period.

oregonman 04-23-2013 11:14 AM

Re: Maryland help requested!
Thanks guys. I really appreciate the insight. I hadn't thought about Pennsylvania spring creeks, but I've been reading about those for years.

What's access like up there? Is it pretty straightforward or is there lots of posted land to watch out for?

Big smallies could be fun too, although the Willamette and Columbia may be right up there in terms of quality fishing for those red eyed devils.

dhaynes 04-23-2013 11:51 AM

Re: Maryland help requested!
The area around Boiling Springs (Allenberry Resort) is easily accessible as are the waters around Falling Springs. West of Boiling Springs, toward Mt. St. Holly, the Breeches is smaller but there is ample places to fish. Check with Yellow Breeches Outfitters (online) for more information (see link below). For Falling Springs, contact Mike Heck ( or for South Central Pa, check the weblink.

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