In December, I wandered over to Beaver Creek after spending the morning on Big Hunting Creek. We worked the upper and middle sections.

Neither myself or my fishing buddy caught anything here, but we did see fish moving around. The upper section is a strange stretch of water as the creek winds through a "built up" area (at least for the country). You walk between houses to get to the creek - glad there was a DNR sign there to reassure us that all was legal. The water near the parking lot is Maryland size and Maryland deep. In other words, may 15 feet across and mostly about a foot with deeper sections popping up here and there.

I walked downstream and the houses continued - paralleling the creek. It's odd to walk on a manicured lawn while fishing.

Given that this is a stocked section, I'm sure there are fish at the right times of the year.

I'm curious to hear from others about their experience here. If it was not fly fishing only, I think I would pass it up in the spring.

The middle section was not much different. I worked downstream about 0.75 miles from the parking area and never felt I was in the woods. There was always a house in sight.

Picture looking back towards the parking area in the upper section.