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  1. Default Any good trout streams in NE West Virginia?

    Most anyone will tell you that West Virginia is a great state for flyfishing. But what is less obvious is that the vast majority of great flyfishing streams are in and around Monongahela National Forest.

    I live in Morgantown, in northern WV (just a few miles south of the PA line). I've been frustrated at the lack of info available online that suggests there is ANYWHERE good to fish along the I-68 area from Morgantown east to the Maryland state line.

    I'm seeking small wild brook trout streams in Monongalia, Preston, Marion, Harrison, Barbour, or Taylor counties. (And even farther west to Wetzel County.) as well as even half-decent stocked streams.

    I think a big part of the problem is that this part of WV has been heavily mined. It's also used for dumping of coal combustion wastes...and these practices have, of course wrecked countless miles of streams. But I'm hoping that not ALL streams have been wiped out. (Just across the border in Greene County, PA...a fracking spill several years ago wiped out the fish population of Dunkard Creek.)

    I'll be doing my own research and exploration...but I figured I'd post here to see if anyone else on this forum is either from this part of WV (home of West Virginia University) or knows of any good fishing in this area?

    Major rivers and streams nearby include the Cheat River watershed and tribs, the Big Sandy, the Little Sandy, the Tygart River and tribs.


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    Default Re: Any good trout streams in NE West Virginia?

    I'll say this, yes there are. Your best bet is to buy a WV Gazetteer and go explore the blue squiggly lines. I've never fished for brookies because I never got into fly fishing till after I moved out of WV. The guys on a forum I visit are pretty tight lipped about brookie streams. They dont want the location info made public on a public forum. It will get fished out and ruined. Good luck, I hope you find some good fishing holes. I usually fish the Elk everytime I come back on vacation but that's more east central.

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    Hmm...well we'll see. While I understand the desire to keep good trout streams a secret...I also know (from experience) that most truly great wild trout streams (brookie streams) are in no danger of being overfished...because most people are lazy and not about to trek through the forest (with no trail) for miles to get to them...and also because most people don't appreciate catching a bunch of 4-6" fish!

    The average fisherman would rather follow the stocking truck with his drywall bucket and fish where he can see his truck the whole time.


  4. Default Re: Any good trout streams in NE West Virginia?

    There are a few spots around within an hour of Motown... Even more if you'll drive an hour n a half. Need to find a fishing buddy up that way who can get you into the mix or otherwise blue line it like previously mentioned. I still get up that way though it was a few years back that I went to WVU n fished Dunkard and others. Most everything I found holding trout was east of town.

    Enjoy your days in Morgantown, great place for school, friends and fishing.


    Lets go Mountaineers!

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