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    Default Simms Headwaters or Orvis Silver Sonic Waders

    I'm torn between the 2 and from what I hear both are comparable as far as durability is concerned. There's only a $100 difference in price and I have an Orvis store not far from me. Also, I don't have a Simms dealer near me. I want to purchase the Simms simply due to the fact that they are made in Montana versus the the Silver Sonics being made in China.
    With the Orvis brand, if I have any problems I can go to the store but if there's a problem with the Simms, I'll have to pack them up and ship them to Montana. I'll save $100 if I go with the Orvis brand too. I really try to buy American when I can and this is one of those things were I feel more compelled to buy from an American company as the employees are anglers as well. I'm sure there a few anglers in the factory where the Orvis waders are made but they're probably 8 years old and work 16 hour days.
    So, do I go with the Orvis brand where I know I that if I have any problems I can physically go to a brick and mortar store or do I buy American and support an American company? As stated previously, I'll be saving $100 too. Has anyone used the Silver Sonics? Has anyone used the Headwaters? Thanks for the feedback.

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    I purchased the Silver Sonics a couple of months ago. I love them. I may like the Simms, but the features for the money won me over to the Orvis waders. Being convertible waders is a major plus for me here in the South.

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    Default Re: Simms Headwaters or Orvis Silver Sonic Waders

    Hi campcash, welcome to the forum, You too chi804

    Being a miser at heart I would defer to the Orvis wader also. I have used Orvis waders and other products since the 1970's and cannot say a negative word about the company or its services.


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    Default Re: Simms Headwaters or Orvis Silver Sonic Waders

    I have the Simms convertibles and prefer to buy their stuff, but I will say this... A buddy just left Orvis for our local shop, and I asked him about the silver Sonics for my wife (though she decided she wanted a new rug for her birthday this Friday... Oh well, I tried ), and he could think of no reason to spend an extra $100 to get her the Simms other than brand preference. He said he never saw or even heard of a complaint as far as leaks, etc go on the Orvis, and he ran the fly shop at this store for quite awhile

    Side note...Orvis has really gone the extra mile in tailoring the body of their women's waders for females to make them much more comfortable, and I want my wife to be a happy camper on the water. I'd encourage anyone getting waders for the lady in their life to check out the video that several female Orvis employees made regarding their waders, it's actually pretty cool. While my next pair of waders is a long ways off (hopefully), I'll probably get Patagonia or Simms, but something tells me that my wife will be rocking Orvis for many years to come.

    She wet-waded most days on our recent trip, I was so proud
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    Default Re: Simms Headwaters or Orvis Silver Sonic Waders

    The only real possible advantage I see in the Simms over the Orvis is the whole Gortex thing. Having the headwaters, I can definitely say that they breathe really well and keep me rather comfortable in the warmest of conditions. I am not sure how breathable the nylon is on the Silver Sonics - it could be just as good for all I know.

    Outside of that, I don't see any real benefit to the Simms over Orvis. You have a shop close to you that can service and exchange instead of having to wait a few weeks to get any repair/replacements done. You can also actually try them on before you buy them to make sure you get the best fit. The Orvis ones have more features than the Simms (I especially like the waterproof inner pocket), and the Orvis ones are cheaper.

    If I were you, I'd be going Orvis all the way
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    Default Re: Simms Headwaters or Orvis Silver Sonic Waders

    Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences and opinions. I could care less about the name but I do think both companies have outstanding customer service. Even though I would prefer to stick with a product made in the USA, I'll have to give my money to Orvis as they have outstanding customer service and a shop that's local to me. Thanks again to everyone that chimed in and tightlines!

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