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Thread: Panfish Help

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    I have been a casual fly fisher for about 2 years now. I have a redington crosswater 8wt that i use to target bass on the potomac river. Recently I went on a guided trout fishing excursion through west virginia and this inspired me to purchase a 5wt rod. I bought a redington pursuit package and it should arrive by monday. There is a nice small stream with largemouth bass, bluegill, smallmouth, chubs, etc. that runs through my back yard. The bass are a blast on my 8wt. I would like to target the bluegill and fallfish with my new 5wt. My question is what are you guys favorite panfish flies? I have used woolly buggers and they work well buy I would like to expand my horizons. What size flies should i use, Im thinking 10 and 12. What leader and tippett? Will a 5x leader and tippett be fine? Thanks Guys.

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    You can have a blast making flies for panfish because they are not picky at all.
    Grubs, worms, nymphs, hellgrammites, scuds, bees, spiders.

    I'll pull my box apart and take some pics for you. When I started out, I would make grubs with yarn and thread for ribbing and caught TONs of em on those
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    here's a great thread for ya-
    go-to flies for 'gills?



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    Sooner or will discover the Redington 8'6" 3 weight, and dry flies for ants, mosquito patterns, gnats, etc........and you will slide down the slippery slope with the rest of us.......!!!

    My 70 year old mother, insists that I tie her up a few dozen ants and gnats, every year, so she can be ready for the bluegills on the local mill pond....she also gives the catfish and crappie a hard time with live minnows and cut shad!!!

    She also taught me how to hold a fish in front of the camera......with arms fully extended!!!

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