Late last year, I stopped by Dry River on my way back from West Virginia. I had visited it before, but, for some reason, had never gone back. I assume this was because the river runs close to the road is and is very popular with the 4x4 clubs who tend to churn things up a bit.

Well, I had some time, stopped and had super luck! The middle part of the Dry was low; just like everything else last year. However, the brookies were there and were anxious to give a new fly guy a break. Each pool had a number of small trout who were happy to attack my Mr. Rapidan when I flopped it out on the water.

A little bit of recon beyond the fishing I did caused me to conclude that the Dry is actually a pretty nice place. Granted, there are long stretches of shallow water between the pools, but the pools seem to be deep enough and cold enough to keep the fish happy.

Since this is within striking distance of Northern Virginia, I'll be back. In particular, I want to go back and fish the small pond I found tucked above an earthen dam. It looks like it is deep enough to hold some fish - maybe some bass will hang out there.