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Thread: James River/Richmond VA Wading

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    I apologize if this has been answered in the past. I'm new to the Richmond area and fly fishing in general. Looking for the best access points and areas for wading around Richmond to fly fish for Smallies. I've found Pony Pasture but way to crowded. Any other areas that are less crowded and allow me to wade when the river level is low? I appreciate it!


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    welcome to the forum and richmond. I live in midlo there are lots of places to get into some smallies jus depends how far you wanna go. Areas around nickel bridge are good. If you have a canoe or kayak area above pony pasture is good. The upper james provides more access. Maidens off 522 and 711 is a good place to wade. Always keep an eye on the water levels.

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    Thanks for the reply. You think I would do better with a kayak? I hear the upper james is the better area as far as smallies go. Also that would give me access to the Bosher dam area.

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    The upper/mid river is still high today and cold. Not really kayak ready yet - and this storm coming in tonight isn't gonna help. Tried a smaller stream today and didn't do much. It's gonna take a spell of no rain/snow and some warm afternoons and then it will take off.

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