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    FYI the brown took a #10 peachy/natural color sucker spawn. the rainbow in the next post took a pink san Juan.I love to develop/tweak/strip streamers. just seems that the darn eggs and worms work so well in early season/higher water.

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    You both have the same smile. Congrats that is a beautiful brown. How was the fight?

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    Quote Originally Posted by smilingduck View Post
    You both have the same smile. Congrats that is a beautiful brown. How was the fight?
    A couple of smilin' fools. he knew I'm a C&R When I first hooked him I could tell he had weight. He tried like crazy to go up stream into a log jam. Had to put the torque on ! Once I turned him, I got a glance and told my buddy ken, " no hurry w/ the net, he's a damn sucker". Ken smartly disregarded me and got into position as he shouted ," he's a brown,and a nice one !!!." After the initial turn-N-burn from the net man, I played him a bit. Eventually I guided that smilin' face of his to shore Ken deftly scooped him up and we weighed him. The coppery color is really pretty.

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    Great color on that brownie!

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    Very nice, congrats on that awesome Brown trout!


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    Nice brown! Always a treat to catch big bad Leroy Brown!

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    Beautiful trout in both photos. Not sure why people think that they need to come to Montana to catch trout, with all of the beautiful fish I've seen posted from all over the US (and not that we aren't glad that people DO come to MT!). How long is the fishing season there? Are there waters that are open year round?

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    I like Montana because you have less California folks there.

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