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Thread: numbers?????

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    Default Re: numbers?????

    Did I meet the potential of the body of water?

    NZ can be one fish a mile and well worth it or in a crick here at home it can be 40 in a mile and well worth it.

    Some days I like catching zero, for it is those days that make me adjust instead of sitting in my comfort zone.

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    Default Re: numbers?????

    glad to get all the reply's !!! I seem to be rogue here. I just love to compete w/ myself. love all the trappings nature has to offer too, just love to feel that rod throbbing.......tight lines guys!!!!

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    I used to be a numbers guy. I even counted the adult steelhead, both hooked and landed along with as much data as I could gather for each day to learn patterns. I had it on an excel spread sheet. I would log every piece of data from the NOAA weather site and the USGS river data. I stopped doing that several years ago. Just kinda forgot to log in and lost count after a while. Last entry the landed steelhead count was 1,066.

    I got a couple other guys into keeping logs like this so we could all kinda cross examine our findings. Thing is, we never did. In fact, these guys became "numbers" guys like I was and I discovered they weren't pleasant to be around when the fishing was slow. I can only guess I was the same way. Catching fish was directly related to joy and the opposite bred disappointment. Kind of taking for granted that we were just lucky to be out there.

    I still love to catch fish. I don't grade a day by how many I catch. I love solving puzzles more than anything. If Ive had a tough day because the fish are being unpredictable and I crack the code at the end of the day and catch 2 nice fish, that's about as good as it gets in my mind.

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    Numbers mean very little. Some days I catch more than I can count, others just a couple. Or maybe skunked. It's all good. If I were to concentrate on the numbers, I wouldn't be able to enjoy the moment.

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    Numbers are good but the feeling of accomplishment in all the different scenarios you can face is what gives me satisfaction. Plus just enjoying the outdoors. I watched a bird catch a trout and eat it today

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    I feel fortunate to like my job so prefer a balance between time on the water and time at work. As for numbers, if I get skunked it is a bit frustrating but other than that I' don't worry too much. Whether it is landing a few hefty trout during a day on the pressured tailwater or landing double digits small trout while walking up a small stream in the mountains I'm pretty happy.
    - William

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    Default Re: numbers?????

    If the fishing is too easy, I get bored pretty quickly, so a middle ground on numbers is what I prefer...and I always lose track after 7. The exception is fishing dries, when a fish per cast is awesome and will keep me mesmerized until it stops.

    Skunks are ok too, as long as I feel I'm fishing well and it's just not my day.

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    Default Re: numbers?????

    Every so often this subject comes up and believe it or not I try to answer with something short & sweet each time and fail. This won't be any different.........

    I don't ever recall hearing a fisherman complain over catching too many fish. The closest I came was 2006 when I took a few days to recover from a swollen wrist & sore elbow and they didn't come from casting. I believe that season got me thinking about 2 hand rods just for easier landing of fish.......... But then the question was what makes for a successful day on the water and I have kind of a regular answer I give when people ask, Any Luck? A good day is when nothing goes wrong, you don't fall into the river - you don't forget some really important item of tackle - etc.

    Honestly, I'm not busting on anyone when I say that if I were only or even partially interested in numbers or size I wouldn't have lasted long. This has been a long road for me, when I started I couldn't catch a fish if you threw it at me with a fly rod. I taught myself to cast and tie as well as everything else that I think I know now, with special emphasis on the word think I can't say positively why I do this or why I've been doing it for so long. There is no one thing, seriously. There have been days in my life when I caught more fish than I could offer a numeric value on because I didn't count. I call those busy days and there have been a good many when the conditions make it dam near impossible to catch a single one........... On average I'm ahead when it comes to days when fish were found and caught.


    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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    Default Re: numbers?????

    My fishing partner used to be a "how many did you get ?" kinda guy. I got to the point where I wouldn't tell him.
    Now it's more like "What did you learn today ?"

    I remember one time seeing a guy using one of these that he had clipped on his vest. Takes all kinds, I guess.

    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    You'll evolve from a numbers / size guy to just happy to get out and catch one. I'm happy you live where you can catch a fish every 10 minutes for 2 days, but for most it's not about that. If you caught 1 every minute and they're all 24" then that's something to boast about.

    Take a minute, breath, drink a beer and chill out.

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