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    Default New Jersey 2015 Trout Season

    Information just released on the Trout Stocking Program in NJ. Pequest Trout Hatchery is the only facility raising trout for NJ.

    Disease risk means no brown, brook trout for spring season, DEP says |
    Trout Unlimited - Ken Lockwood #244

    "A bad day at fishing is still better than a good day at work"

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    Default Re: New Jersey 2015 Trout Season

    Well that is sad news indeed.

    I did a tour last year of the fish Daniels, WY hatchery and there at least, everything is indoors, not sure if it was designed to prevent the spread of furunculosis or not. Several years ago I toured the hatchery in Spearfish, SD and there all the fish runs are outside.

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    Isn't the pequest hatchery the only that raises trout stocked in NJ every year? The Musky hatchery only raises fish for private waters i thought.

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