The trout truck finally paid us a visit. A local community pond got a couple hundred trout last week. I fished Saturday in the rain. Only a handful of others there also. Even though it was sprinkling on & off, the temps were pleasant and not too much wind.

I only tied on 1 fly, a pheasant tail. I brought in 18 trout and missed at least a dozen more. I had to retire the fly at the end of the day. It was pretty tore up. It was good to finally break the long pole out for 2015.

I went back yesterday. The winds were swirling. I tried for almost an hour to make a few decent casts. The wind couldn't make up it's mind on which direction it wanted to blow. I used a caddis pupa this time but didn't catch any trout. I fooled 1 large shiner. The wind was enough to run me off the water.

I don't mind fishing in the rain. The wind is a different matter. Time to check the weather report and figure out what I'm gonna be doing the rest of the week.