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    I fished the Susquehanna today for a couple hours in the afternoon. The river has been flooded for the last three weeks and tomorrow more rain is predicted. Still a little high, 6.8' at the Harrisburg gage. Water was cold with about 2' of visibility.

    My first cast and I caught a brown trout! They don't stock trout in the river. It must have swam downstream 15 miles. The water was near flood stage and the little trout must have been washed from a stocked feeder stream! First trout I ever heard caught in the river.

    I also caught four smallmouth bass. The biggest was 18", the smallest was 10". It's good to see some small bass in the river. Last year was horrible around Wrightsville. Maybe all this water washed a few down from Sunbury!!

    The big bass pulled drag pretty good. My SLA worked perfect. Smooth and quiet and the drag worked like a dream. The Sharkskin also worked perfect. I heard all the warnings about the line cutting my fingers, so I cut two fingers from a old leather glove just in case. The Sharkskin doesn't hurt my fingers at all!! LOL When the line is wet it is as smooth as all the others.

    All the fish were caught on black wooly buggers. This was a test for me to see what tail size and hackle size worked the best.

    Simply a wonderful day wading in the cold water.

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    Hi FlyRichardFly,

    Sounds like you had a great day. It is days like this that keeps us coming back year after year.


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    nice pictures - the Susky is a great place

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