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    Default SNP wild brookies

    So I fished a nice stream in the SNP today and man was it good! I caught a lot of brookies and even a wild brown. It was raining for most of the time I was there so I didn't get photos of my largest fish, but here are some from before it started to rain.

    I fished a dry-dropper set up with a Mr. Rapidan and a bead head prince nymph. I ended catching fish on both the dry and the nymph. I hope to be back next week. I'll post another report if I do.

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    Default Re: SNP wild brookies

    Welcome to the forum.

    Nice fish. I haven't been to Shenandoah in many years. As I recall, a hurricane was coming up the coast and we had to skedaddle. It is a beautiful place.

    Take a minute and fill out the bio section and tell us a little about yourself.

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    Default Re: SNP wild brookies

    funny thing is Steve, he has been a member longer than you but this is his first post. Many just like to read the info.
    Dave Watts

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    Default Re: SNP wild brookies

    So I've updated my info. Funny thing is, this is not my first post and I think I joined this forum in 2015, not 2011. I started fly fishing around April 2015, I think. I just realized that I accidentally created a second user name when I logged into the forum using the app on my phone. My original user name is gfiad2. Oh well.

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    Default Re: SNP wild brookies

    Beautiful brookie

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