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killdog91 09-24-2010 06:59 PM

patuxent river state park
hey guy new here just had a great trip up to savage for my first fly fishing trip. I live in somd so its kinda hike for me to make, but from what i have seen on DNR that the upper/middle patuxent has some good fly fish. Just wanted to know if anyone has fished these areas and if they are any good.

gandrews 10-08-2010 05:53 AM

Re: patuxent river state park
Was browsing and saw your post and figured it was worth joining so that I could respond. I fish this river frequently and find it to be one of the best within a hour drive of Annapolis. Streamers, wolly buggers and Patuxent specials seem to work the best. These fish mostly feed on crayfish and minnows in that the river has very few hatches. There are decent size browns it holds very few rainbow. It can be tricky to navigate due to sticker bushes but this is often a good thing because it keeps many fisherman away. Generally does not see much fishing pressure. I often fish entire days without seeing another soul. Nice spot. It is worth putting in the effort to learn this water.

theroyalhumpy 03-20-2011 08:27 AM

Re: patuxent river state park
I have fished the Little Patuxent, Middle Patuxent (Gorman Park) and the stretch downstream of Brighton Dam from Haviland Rd. to Mink Hollow and for my money,
I'd take the Middle followed shortly thereafter by the Little Ptxt. I wouldn't waste my time again with that section from Haviland to Mink Hollow although a member of the TU Ptxt chapter told me that he personally stocked a ton of fish in that section. There is no structure and it is difficult to wade in that the banks are steep and super muddy. The day I was there it was pretty silted and the clarity was rather poor. The only thing my buddy and I had to show for it was a fallfish and another hook up that ended in my tippet snapping at the knot. The 3 times I have fished the Middle, it was super clear and although I didn't catch anything, I saw a bunch of fish (some big ones too). The Middle is a medium sized stream, with pretty decent structure. Nice sand/gravel bed with some nice rock formations and some cliffs. Again super clear and I have only seen one other guy fishing it in my 3 times there. The most success I have had is at the Little Patuxent in the fall after the stocking. The river is beautiful here too. Totally different. Much more rugged. Basically, your typical Piedmont stream that somewhat resembles a more Western River (think North Branch Potomac). There are some rapids that end in deep pools where most the stockers tend to gravitate towards. I did have some success in upper pocket water section swinging a Patuxent special through which was pretty fun. I was pretty surprised at the clarity of this section as well when I fished it in October. It's definitely worth checking out although it is a far cry from a secret spot as it gets pretty heavily pressured after the stocking trucks leave. Recommendation would be to hit it on a weekday.

ab4usa 03-22-2011 05:28 PM

Re: patuxent river state park
I float stocked the Patuxent below brighton dam and above the bridge at Haveland Mill Road. The bows had already bee stocked and we put in 1200 Browns. The largest of which was about 20". It is muddy and has steep banks, however there are some places to enter the stream upstream of the bridge. If you want to fish it the first time contact me. I'm unemployed right now so I am pretty available.

The Middle has been float stocked once and will be float stocked again on the 29th or 30th. I will be on that stocking.

theroyalhumpy 07-16-2011 10:06 AM

Re: patuxent river state park
JULY 16: Anybody know if the Little Patuxent is still holding any trout or have they all been fished out by now?

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