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    Hey Guys, I'm new to the forum but not new to fly fishing. I live in Washington D.C. but my family owns a house on the Cowpasture river. SO I spend a lot of my weekends fishing the Jackson and smaller streams in the area.

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    Hi CpRiver4,

    Welcome to the forum. I am not familiar with that area but we do have other members from around there. I hope you enjoy the forum.


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    The Jackson River is the largest trout river in Virginia. It's located in the highlands of southwestern VA.

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    CpRiver. New here myself.

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    Welcome guys. CP, I too spend a good amount of time on the Jackson. I like to camp at the upper end of the special regulation section above Hidden Valley. I also made several trips to the tailwater section this summer. I haven't floated it yet but I spent several days wading around the public access points.

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    Welcome! I'm new to the forum also and live in Herndon (not too far from you). My job keeps me pretty busy, so the best I can hope for is usually an afternoon on the Potomac fly fishing for smallies and Bluegills. As you know, the fishing down in this area has about shut down for the winter. I actually have some down time this winter and would welcome your thoughts on any trout streams that are productive during the next couple of months (I have not done any trout fishing in Virginia). Thanks.

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    Check out the spring creeks like Mossy, Beaver and Smith or the tailwater section of the Jackson. The brookie streams in Shenandoah Park can be ok in the winter also if we get some warmer days.

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