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Thread: TX-VA Road Trip

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    I may be making a road trip from Texas on up to Virginia this Spring and am asking for advice on places to see/ visit/ fish. I plan on coming up through the Shenandoah and am looking to hit some small streams here and there, though I am not entirely opposed to some larger rivers if the juice is worth the squeeze so to speak.

    As I'll be passing through Tennessee and possibly West Virginia, I am open to suggestions therein as well.


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    Between east TN, western NC and VA, there is more what then you can fish in a lifetime.

    You might want to narrow it down. Bluelines, tailwaters, etc.
    Mainline the blueline

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    jayr hit the nail on the head. among other possibilities are Great Smoky Mountain NP, Blue Ridge Parkway. When i fish in the SE US, i fish almost entirely south and east of Smokies in Ga and NC. Lots and lots and lotsa possibilities. Lot of really interesting small streams as well as world class tailwaters.

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    As you come up the 81 corridor, there are a trout streams everywhere. SW Virginia has tons of options. If you like small streams and native brookies, Virginia is heaven

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    Thanks for the suggestions thus far. I'm primarily looking for small stream fishing options. Unless I am mistaken, I do not believe I will have the time nor the resources on this trip to hit a tailwater. If I am wrong in this assumption though, please enlighten me.

    I'll mostly be sticking to areas along I-40 & I-81. I have waders, but was wondering if it's doable to wade with quick dry pants and Chacos like I do down here in Texas?

    Besides small stream trout fishing, any small mouth fisheries along the way that would be wadable?


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    I donít usually wet wade until late May early June. These mountain streams are still pretty cold. There are some excellent smallmouth rivers. 81 crosses over the New, James and Shenandoah river. All top notch smallie waters. You can fish the access points, but your much better off on a canoe/kayak. If you are coming up as far as the Harrisonburg area, let me know. Iíll point you to some good trout streams

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    Depending on the weather, I will wet wade as early as March but almost always by mid April and on. Use the rule of 100. Add the ambient air temp with the stream temp. The closer to or exceeding 100 will usually be very comfortable for wading especially bluelines. You’re not usually in constant depth water like most tailwaters.

    GSMNP is accessible off of I-40 and on up 81 will get you into VA. You can also continue 40 over into WNC and then continue you up into VA up US 29 which will take you to the GWNF and on up into the SNP. Lots of fishing there, more than you can do in several lifetimes.
    Other areas in WNC are the Pisgah NF.

    Other good smallmouth rivers are the French Broad in TN and NC and on up on the James in VA.
    Mainline the blueline

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    A must do as you come thru eastern TN is the South Holston Tailwater near Bristol Tn which is in many opinions the best tailwater on the east coast. Wild brown trout are the feature species. It is a tailwater so you need to know the dam generation schedule which is available on line predicting the next 72 hours or so of generation. Google South Holston Generation.

    Next as you go north on I81 the next one I would do is Whitetop Laurel in the Mount Rodges Recreation Area. It is just off of I81, maybe 15 miles, and is a stocked stream but has beautiful scenery. There are some native bookies also.

    Continuing north on I81 the next is the South Fork of the Holston River just east of Marion VA. It to is stocked but has many large holdovers plus there is a Fly only section that has brown trout over 20".

    The next I would fish in North Creek approximately 20 or so miles north of Roanoke. It is a native brook trout blue line stream in its upper reaches and is located just off the Arcadia exit.

    Next going north on I81 I would fish Mossy Creek just south of Harrisonburg Va. It is a spring creek with wild brown trout, with many over 20". A landowner permit is required to fish it and is available on line from the VDGIF.

    Hope this helps.

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    There's no fish in those places. He's lying.

    ďIf I fished only to capture fish, my fishing trips would have ended long ago.Ē
    ~Zane Grey

    " . . . shouldn't a man stand on his own two feet and catch his own steelhead? Maybe put out some effort and find his own fish just for the fun of it?"
    ~Syd Glasso

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