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Thread: Anyone looking for a fishing partner in Northern Va?

  1. Smile Anyone looking for a fishing partner in Northern Va?

    Hi All,

    I've fished with a spin rod before, as a kid fishing for trout in Pakistan. Now I live in Fairfax, Va and have taken up fly fishing recently and still am somewhat of a beginner. I'd love to hit the trout streams in VA, MD and PA area - starting with Shenandoah and then exploring other areas. Hike-in fishing sounds really good to me, as one would be able to avoid heavily fished areas.

    It would be great to have someone along for fishing trips - for conversation, discuss fishing, learn a thing or two, and safety for hike-in fishing to remote areas.

    So if anyone is looking for company like me, let me know!

    I'm a friendly laid back guy and speak decent english.

    And oh yeah, I do catch and release.

    Best Regards,
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    Default Re: Anyone looking for a fishing partner in Northern Va?

    Hey Mustafa,

    If you ever are planning on a trip to SE PA let me know. My home waters are about an hour NW of Philly. Not a whole lot of hike-in options in the area, but we do have some pretty good fishing.

    Anthony Laurence
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    Default Re: Anyone looking for a fishing partner in Northern Va?

    Hey Ant, Mustafa and I are hitting up the Gunpowder in MD soon, but I am very interested in exploring SE PA. If you willing to help out another Newbie let me know. This would be a pm but you have to have 15 posts, dumb. Oh and i have trips to trade if you interested in saltwater Chesapeake/NJ coast...
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    Default Re: Anyone looking for a fishing partner in Northern Va?

    If you both are looking for fishing opportunities/partners/information and you're based on No. VA, you should check out the Tidal Potomac Fly Rodders (TPFR). This is a friendly, informative club in the VA/MD/DC area that believes in sharing fishing information and educating the public. Here is their website:

    Tidal Potomac Fly Rodders

    Over the past 3 years the club has grown and is ideal for anyone interested in fishing the area. The members of this club are dedicated to promoting the region's diverse fishery. Whether you're looking for a fishing partner, tuning your casting (usually a group gathers every Sunday morning on the shores of the Potomac), general information about your favorite species, or happen to be visiting the DC area and would like to get in some fishing during your visit, this is a good group with the right attitude.

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