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    Default Report: Hot Springs VA - Cascade Stream

    Was in the area and had some time to get out and thanks to great advice from one of the guides at the hotel had a great day catching wild rainbows.

    The Omni Homestead has some land with the stream running through it. There are two sections, one that is stocked and one that isn't and holds wild rainbows. I fished the wild section and had a great day. I'm not normally one to pay for stream access, in this case it was worth it. I caught well over 50 fish ranging in size from 3 to 14 inches. They were hitting stimulators all day long and it never slowed down, pulling 2-3 fish out of every hole. It was fun to just see from where you could pull a fish.

    It was just one of those days that no matter where you put the fly the fish were hitting it.

    My first wild rainbow!

    And yet another..

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    Default Re: Report: Hot Springs VA - Cascade Stream

    Sounds like an awesome day, congrats!

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    Default Re: Report: Hot Springs VA - Cascade Stream

    Great report I just got back from a weekend trip the Homestead as well and got to fish the stream on Sunday. Had the same experience as you with wild rainbows in every likely spot waiting to smack and dry fly. Even caught a small YOY Brown which surprised me as they only mentioned Rainbows when talking to the shop at the resort.

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