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    Been a browser for some time. Time to join the site.
    I have been fishing for 30some years. Mainly for smallies in the central PA area.
    Took up fly fishing for SM about 5 years ago.
    I fish the susqy and its tribs on a regular basis.
    Most of my rods are 7 and 8 wt. I do have a dan craft 6 wt at the builder
    as we speak.
    I fish out of a jet boat, sit on top kayak and just got a 12' water ready toon.
    I have been a lone fisher for years but would welcome company any time.
    One other thing. Do we have spell check any were?

    Thanks for a great site.


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    Brian welcome,
    I love fishing those smallies with a fly rod do alot of it here in AR. As for the spell check ,,,,,if you find it let me know please LOL

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    Glad you found us Brian. People from all over here so hopefully you can hook up with a fishing pard.
    Do you tie at all......bass fly swap I feel in the future...LOL


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    hey man, im from PA. I'm from bucks county. I fish the Delaware, In the Poconos( mud run, bushkill, exc.), Little Lehigh, and we have a camp at state college so we go up there and fish spring creek, fishing creek, penns creek and all the other creeks up there whenever we can.

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    Hey Brian welcome to the board-- if we have speil checj I haven't found it yet.

    You live in a great part of the country for fishing and we have a lot of folks from PA on the board. Hopefully you'll get to meet up with a few. How's the fishing on the susqy? Been years since I fished it, but managed to hit a white fly hatch one August and had a blast.


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    Welcome, I'm new to the site as well, been here a couple weeks now, everytime I see a "newbie" I hope they are near Reno, so I can possibly have some fishin company. I occassionally have a local buddy who can get out, but most the time it is just me, if I could trust my dog to stick close, I would take him - Dalmation who loves to run. Anyway, welcome to the board, I'm learning a lot here.


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    Welcome to the forum, there are lots of really nice folks on this forum that have tons of fly fishing knowledge and are more than willing to share, just keep posting and asking questions and we would love to see photos of your fishing area and some fish. I'm too far away to help with the fishing partner request, but I'm sure someone will help out.


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    Hi skiezo,

    Welcome to the forum. I am glad you decided to join us.

    If you are using IE you can down load a free spell checker from here.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Joni View Post
    Glad you found us Brian. People from all over here so hopefully you can hook up with a fishing pard.
    Do you tie at all......bass fly swap I feel in the future...LOL

    Nice idea! I fish SM's in the Summer months when the trout are deep and sleepy.

    Brian, I also fish the Susquehanna; near Forty Fort.

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    I am new to this site as well. I live in northern VA but do most of my FF in central PA on the yellow breaches. My soon to be wife is from the area. I have only been fly fishing for a year but I am constantly looking for a new learning experience.

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