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Thread: Penns Creek, Coburn , PA

  1. Default Penns Creek, Coburn , PA

    Looking to possibly make my first trip down to Penns Creek from Canada. Any info on this area would be great. Also, it looks like the time that I would be able to make it is:
    1) Last week of June
    2)Last week of August or
    3) First week of September

    Which would you choose?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Default Re: Penns Creek, Coburn , PA

    Pavel, since nobody else has responded, I'll give it a shot. I have no personal experience with Penns Creek but from what I know, I would probably pick late June. You've got a chance to see BWO's, Light Cahills, tan caddis, Slate Drakes and of course terrestrials. The hatch chart I found here: Fly Fishing Penns Creek in Pennsylvania shows sulfurs ending earlier than that, but you might get lucky and get into some of those as well. Sulfurs are probably my favorite hatch.

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    Default Re: Penns Creek, Coburn , PA

    Although I'm from Pa; I haven't fished Penns Creek. Consequently, I didn't respond earlier. Jump on the fly fishermans paradise website (it's a fly shop that's in State college, Pa): Fly Fisher's Paradise - Home They'll provide a lot of info on that stream as well as others in the area. I'm sure you can call or email them from that point.

    I tend to agree that your June date would probably be best; the September date would be my 2nd choice.

    It's a great stream. Why haven't I fished it? Probably because when I end up in that area, I end up on Spring Creek, Fishing Creek or the Little J. Not that they're any better, it's just that I was introduced to them first and know the access points. A few guys have promised to take me to Penns Creek and its' infamous Green Drake hatch, but it just hasn't happened yet.

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    Thanks for the info and it looks like a great start for my research on travelling to PA for some FlyFishing. I also found this site for anyone with the same interest of mine that will be travelling to PA, to this area:

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    Default Re: Penns Creek, Coburn , PA

    Hi Pavel,

    You want to come down from Canada to fish Pennsylvania? Something is wrong here. Us Yanks are usually going to Canada to fish.


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    I love to travel and would like as many opportunities to fish as many different rivers and streams as possible. I find if I am fishing the same waters over and over that I am tending to not learn as much, but just getting in a rhythm with past experience on that particular water of what has worked in the past. Reading new water and figuring out what works is a challenge that I enjoy greatly. Also, just trying to help your economy as well. Couple of the guys wanted to do something different this year as a stag party for me and this was one of the places that is within a 6 hour drive. If anyone has any other suggestions that are within a 6 or 7 hour drive of Detroit, MI or 5 or 6 hour drive from Buffalo, NY that would be great.

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    hey man, there are plenty of great streams in the Pennsylvania if thats were your going. There's Penn's Creek of course but other streams that are really close are Fishing Creek and Spring Creek. I think Spring creek especially the flyfishermans paradise part of the creek is the best. If you want more information about these streams you can either call fly fishermans paradise or go on their website. There very kind people and great fisherman that can help you with whatever you want. they also have stream reports updated all the time.

    Fly Fisher's Paradise - Home

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    Yes, you are getting some good info. Penn's is big water for PA and has the most amazing and abundant hatches in the east. It is fickle water and that makes it somewhat difficult to fish. It is quickly muddied by rain storms but is treacherous to wade even with clear water. There are days when the planets align that you will have the very best fishing you can imagine. The fly shops mentioned in previous posts will give you water conditions and hatches to expect. There is a book about Penns Creek written by Dan Shields that should be read before you first fish. The flyshops carry it down here. It is the most underappreciated water in PA I think because it is remote and very rustic with little development and rough terrain. Plenty of black bears and rattlesnakes too. But stay near the fisherman's trails and you will be fine. Enjoy your trip.

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    I think early to mid June is when the Green Drake hatch happens. It's really crowded, but from what I understand, it is some of the most amazing fishing. I went one year to fish it, but we got booted out by a massive thunderstorm.

  10. Re: Penns Creek, Coburn , PA

    I live in Coburn and my Wife runs The Reel-em-Inn B&B. We cater to fishermen. I would suggest you come in late May or very early June. The fishing is always good. We have an area where it is for only Fly fishing as well as All tackle. They are within walking and minimal driving distance. We live less then 30 feet from Penns Creek and I fish it very frequently. You will probably not need a guide. The local fly shop is only 200 yards from our home. They can give you the info on what flies to use and head you in the right direction. I do not think a guide is necessary if you are a veteran fisherman. The wifes web site is if you need a place to park. She cooks the best breakfast in the area and I guarentee you will like the service. Please email if you need any more info. You will love the fishing. The water is almost perfect but if it rains it gets muddy real quick. But then you can go to Fishing Creek or to Fishermans Paradise, a short drive away. I hope this helps.

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