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Thread: NW Pennsylvania

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    Default NW Pennsylvania

    I'm from S.E. Michigan. We have been thinking about a trip to PA. We would be tent camping and would like to find a campground close to decent fishing. Rustic camping is fine. Due to distance, N.W. PA would be preferred. Not looking for secret holes, just some general ideas or advice, or some good references to research.

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    Most of the fishing in NW PA is put/take fishing for stocked rainbows, browns, and brooks. The Allgheny National Forest in particular has significant plantings of fish which are advertised on the PA Fish & Game website. There you will find stocking lists and latitude and longitude of the streams listed.

    Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission Home Page

    There is ample camping in the ANF with campgrounds as well as rustic camping.

    If you desire to hunt for wild fish, there are options for chasing wild brookies in the mountain streams. Expect steep hikes up small mountain streams for small but beautiful brookies. A 6 incher is a trophy in these waters and the scenery can be spectacular.

    Look at Forest County, Warren County and to a lesser degree Crawford County. If you push to McKean and Potter you will get into more water that has wild fish options.

    Happy exploring.


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    NW PA fishing is sparse, and he is right about most of the big trout destinations in NW PA being put and take. The few places I go often are not by any campgrounds that I know of. Just my opinion; I'd stay in MI. There are good campgrounds all over the Ausable! If I were to go to PA I would get further towards central PA and go to Penns Creek, or Fishing Creek. I have fished both of them and they are pretty good trout fisheries. They are also both larger and most likely have campgrounds close by.

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    I do enjoy the 6" trophy brookie, but that is often alot of mapwork, driving and footwork, sometimes with no returns at all. Check out for some information.

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    Default Re: NW Pennsylvania

    Thanks for the advice. Sounds like I need to go further east or just continue going north.

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    A 2 hour drive east of Pittsburgh is the Little Juniata which is great natural trout fishing. Also, the Juniata is awesome smallie fishing.

    Little Juniata River Association

    NW PA has the tributairies from Erie. Elk and Walnut Creeks are very respectable Steelhead waters. A bit further south is Oil creek, Nashannock, and Slippery Rock creeks.

    Here's a link that can help you get started.

    International Angler International Angler - This is the fly shop I frequent the most. Great guy's !! Talk to Bob, Tim, Jeff, Mark or Chuck. They will give you the best area's for a trip to any where in PA or the world.

    NCFlyShop: Weather (Pennsylvania) - Bob Shuey will also provide great advice.

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    Default Re: NW Pennsylvania

    If you're going to do the Steelie thing(which is wrapping up soon), i would recommend Folly's End Campground. There's a good fly shop on site and it's very inexpensive. Last year I paid $16 a night.

    Other than Steelies from Erie and the Allegheny NP, there's not a lot that I know of in the NW of PA. If you want to wander into central of eastern PA, send me a PM and I can give you a bit more info.
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