In case you did not already read me introduction - I am a shiny new fly fishing junkie.
Went on my first FF trip this weekend to Cabins, WV and the South Branch of the Potomac (Just below Smokehole).(the wifes cousin lives on the river)
Anyway, I have been ithin for the past week to get a fly wet, especially knowing that they have recently stocked the whole river, and the fishing pressure has been light.
Got to Cabins on Friday Night. Me and my Cousin in-law were stoked to get in some fishing. However, the weather called for a high temp of 24F.
We got up in the morning popped open the door and watched the ice floating down the river making it impossible to drift a fly
So we went to our back up plan to throw some jigs on our spinning gear. Went accross the mountain to a little creek that we know gets stocked as well. Stepped out of the car and down to the 1st pool. VIOLA !!! there lies a nice 15" rainbow. Threw the jig at him for about 20 minutes, I swear I hit him in the nose a couple of times. Thats when I realized my big mistake.
I realized that the fish we saw along the stream had probably been caught a couple of times on the same jig (Trout Magic) that we were using. I also noticed that there was no flowing ice on this particular stream like we saw on the South Branch earlier. If we had only brought our Fly Rods we could have thrown everything we had at them - I am sure we could have hooked a few those guys with all the tasty Nymphs we had bought.

Well, we decided that we would come back on Sunday with our Fly Rods and we would have our way with those finicky fish. We woke up Sundy Morning, the Wife and her Cousin made us a nice breakfast, and we pre-tied some tadem rigs in anticipation of our adventure.
That's when the Wife and Cousin reminded us that we had to give our 1 day of sight seeing (we made that deal a few years ago, because the cousin in-law and myself tend to dissapear with a gun or a fishin pole evrytime we get together). So in order to maintain the peace, we had to put away our gear and get dressed for a day of driving around and taking pictures, buying knick knacks, and such.

So to sum it up - My 1st FF trip was a complete bust