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    Default NWT and Yellowknife area in August

    I'm going to be staying in the Yellowknife area from 8/18 to 8/26 and was wondering if anyone knew some good areas to fish. Not that interested in pike and more focusing on grayling, dolly varden, trout, etc.

    Any tips and ideas would be great!

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    Default Re: NWT and Yellowknife area in August

    Hey there:

    Sorry for the late reply to this thread--can't believe I haven't seen it until now.

    I live in Yellowknife. There are a few good places to fish in and around town, but you'll need some sort of watercraft to access a lot of it, or at least a vehicle. While we have some lakes in town you can't fish in them (well, you can fish but there are no fish to catch). We are located right on Great Slave Lake, which is full of fish.

    You aren't that interested in pike but if you were you could pretty much toss a line in any body of water up here and have a good chance of hooking one. For grayling you'll have to find a little river or creek, or go out on the main lake (Great Slave Lake), in which case you'll need to go with an outfitter or boat. For lake trout (the only trout we have), again you'll have to out on Great Slave or one of the local lakes (see below). They're hard to get with a fly rod, but in August when the water is cooler you can try with a heavy sink tip and a Clouser or similar weighted streamer. I've got them that way. There are no dolly varden close to Yellowknife.

    If you're renting a car, or have access to one, you can head down the Ingraham Trail, a road that heads west of town for about 70 km and provides access to a lot of water. On the north side of the trail lies the Cameron River, which has grayling and pike and whitefish. The Cameron connects a lot of lakes--Prelude, Prosperous, and Tibbett among them--that also have those fish, plus there are lake trout in Prelude and Prosperous. Fish up here aren't fly shy, and they'll go for most everything. As one sporting goods store owner told me about grayling flies, they'll go for anything that looks black and buggy. Streamers too.

    We don't have a lot of outfitters in town but check the interweb and you'll find some. You can also buy your NWT fishing licence online. PM me if you want more info on fishing or Yellowknife in general.


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