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  1. Default Alberta, Saskatchewan or BC

    This side of the Forum seems quite dead.. where are you folks?
    Anyhow.. Im getting antsy to hit the waters!
    Might do some creek fishing in the next two weeks for Browns or head to the outlets for some big pike.
    Brandon Heather
    Xtremely Alberta Outdoors
    Fly Frenzy Custom Flies Pro Staff

  2. Default Re: Alberta, Saskatchewan or BC

    Alberta, if could please tell us a little about fishing up that way. I have always wanted to make a long road trip up that way. I have been to Fernie and Kimberlee (sp??), when i was younger and remeber seeing some beautiful water. It seems there is endless sources of water, from lakes to rivers. And the variety of fish to catch has to be amazing. I like to chase pike too, but around here they are mostly in stilllwater.

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    Default Re: Alberta, Saskatchewan or BC


    I'm in Wasilla Alaska. Here we are waiting for breakup and most of the open water around me is closed until June. These are areas where rainbow trout spawn and they are protected until June to ensure successful spawning.

    All other waters will be open as soon as the ice goes out and I will be out as soon as I can.

    As for this part of the forum being dead............. I use the General discussion and fly tying forums the most. There you will find many interesting threads & posts. I have checked out your flies and have many of my patterns posted in the fly tying "Share patter" threads.

    I have tried to put up some threads that support interaction in the general discussion forum. Look for "Putting a face to the name" this thread has many photographs of members in it and you are welcome to post a mug shot also. There is another thread called "Your biggest fish on a fly" that has lots of pictures of members from all over the continent with some amazing fish.

    To sum it up you can pick any of the forums and look back in the pages of threads, if you find something interesting add a post and that will serve to bring new life to the thread. Also if you are looking to liven things up, ask a question and I'm sure you'll get some response. Recently I put up a thread titled "Too much attention to distance" and drew a flurry of action in a very short order.

    I'm not completely sure what you want when you say the forum is dead but you can make your own action if you feel it needs to be livened up. Go for it, I'll probably post to your threads.


  4. Default Re: Alberta, Saskatchewan or BC

    I expected that more members would post in specific area according to where they live.. maybe they should look at reducing soo many options on where to post in the future. I have always wanted to fly fish Alaska for some big rainbows, salmon etc.

    As to about where to fish in alberta, it is endless and I am not a big river fly guy, I fish primarily stillwaters chasing big rainbows, pike and walleye. I am going to venture out of my bubble this year and hit up a few rivers that I know hold some good fish. Bull trout is next on my list and some big browns as well.
    Are u wanting to do a 'do it yourself' trip??
    Brandon Heather
    Xtremely Alberta Outdoors
    Fly Frenzy Custom Flies Pro Staff

  5. Default Re: Alberta, Saskatchewan or BC

    Yes id like to do an "all my self trip". I know it is a lot to ask to explain the area because it so expansive. I'd like to some different species then in CO, i.e. bull trout, artic char, may be some big cutty's. I just kinda want to hear how good the fishing, or can be, to motivate my ass to get up there.

    I imagine being able to drive for days seeing many rivers to fish, and not enough time!!

  6. Default Re: Alberta, Saskatchewan or BC

    You would like to think that, wouldnt you? lol
    Yah.. there are some bull trout rivers/streams but folks arent that willing to tell you where the big boys live (very few), Cuts is about the same, the Red Deer River, Bow River, North Ram River (Stauffer Spring Creek) are great for rainbows and browns. The Little Smokey has greyling, bulls.
    If I see one, Ill get a copy of the Alberta Fishing Guide, its published once a year with most of the lakes and rivers listed as to what is in them.
    You can also fish the North Saskatchewan for some big walleye/pike, goldeye.
    There are many options, depends on money and what direction you want to go really.
    Brandon Heather
    Xtremely Alberta Outdoors
    Fly Frenzy Custom Flies Pro Staff

  7. Default Re: Alberta, Saskatchewan or BC

    Thanks Alberta, its a place to start!!

    Keep us posted on your adventures out that way!!

  8. Default Re: Alberta, Saskatchewan or BC

    Will do.

    My first trip will most likely be on the stillwaters, spring rainbows and brookies and the river for walleye, pike and goldeye's.

    If you come up here, shoot me a pm
    Brandon Heather
    Xtremely Alberta Outdoors
    Fly Frenzy Custom Flies Pro Staff

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