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    Default Fancy some half-price winter fishing in Florida?

    This is a dedicated thread for discussing article: Fancy some half-price winter fishing in Florida?

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    Default Re: Fancy some half-price winter fishing in Florida?

    Hi Everyone,

    I have not fished this area but we have a member that likes to fish there. Unfortunately I don't remember the member's name. The information does not specifically address fly fishing. I think if you take your gear the guide will accommodate you. Just don't expect advise on flies or tackle.

    I looked over the lodge site and the guides site and nothing was mentioned about fly fishing. I finally found one sentence that refereed to fly fishing. So I would checked with the guide or lodge to see if he offers fly fishing.

    This is a nice area of Florida. Not far from the Swanee River with low population. I think it would be a nice trip.


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