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    Default Cape Cod seals shot

    Five gray seals shot to death on Cape Cod -

    We were out in our kayaks in this area last Tuesday.
    Once the seals see a fishing rod, they follow you everywhere. There was one shadowing me at all times, just feet behind the 'yak. Never surfacing, just a nose popping up once in a while.
    When it became apparent that it was futile to fish there, we crossed the channel toward shore, collecting more and more seals along the way.
    As we hit the shoal in mid-harbor, over 40 heads popped up.
    These seals are not very popular with anglers to say the least.
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    Default Re: Cape Cod seals shot

    That sux! Takes all kinds I guess.

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    Default Re: Cape Cod seals shot

    Seems pretty brave to be shooting seals in such a populated area.


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