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    Default News from IFTD - Day One

    A few photos from : News from IFTD - Day One

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    Default Re: News from IFTD - Day One

    looks like a great function. the casting pool is quite impressive. will rajeef be there shooting ungodly amounts of line?



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    Default Re: News from IFTD - Day One

    Don't think Steve is here as G Loomis are not attending - they already launched their ranges at another recent show apparently.

    I'll tell you who I did see on the other casting pond yesterday and that was certain Mr Lefty Kreh, still helping others improve their game.

    Other personal heroes spotted - Jose Wejebe, Flip Pallott and Andy Mill who I had a good chat with yesterday about his hand in the development of the new Hardy Fortuna big game reel. Very impressive looking piece of kit and a lot of work gone into testing it.
    Paul Sharman
    Fish and Fly Ltd

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    Default Re: News from IFTD - Day One

    Did oyu see the drake 5 minute winner? Awesome!!

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    Default Re: News from IFTD - Day One

    Yes - I think all those 5 min films are great and yes I enjoyed the winning entry. The guys flew back after IFTD to continue their trip I was told.

    Here's the winner of Best Movie...

    Best Story Winner was "Doc of the Drakes" and you will see why...

    To watch all the finalists you need to go here...
    Paul Sharman
    Fish and Fly Ltd

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