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Thread: VT Hatchery distroyed in flood

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    Default VT Hatchery distroyed in flood

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    Default Re: VT Hatchery distroyed in flood

    Very unfortunate news for the hatchery, but they will recover. I think worse off are the residents, we have a lot around here also that lost everything, sad to see. Ya know you live in the hills and you say to yourself you'll never get flooded, but as we can tell in the article and as we look around our neighborhoods, these little streams can turn into raging rivers rather quickly and most houses aren't even neer a flood plane. It's happening again today around here with more heavy rain and subsequent evacuations.

    On edit; I'm sorry for hijacking your thread and sending it in another direction, I just came back from some pretty badly affected flood areas and it's all very vivid in my mind so hence the side track.
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