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    Default Giant Tarpon amongst IGFA hopefuls

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    Default Re: Giant Tarpon amongst IGFA hopefuls

    Hi Everyone,

    Here is a picture of the potentially new 12lb line weight record.

    I can't even verbalize just how bad this dead fish makes me feel. If any fish ever deserves to survive and live another day, it is our biggest fish. These fish don't come along very often and we can't keep killing them. Homosassa, Florida use to have the biggest Tarpon available in Florida. It was the spot to catch huge Tarpon on the fly. Sadly most of those big fish are gone and the fishery is nothing like it use to be.


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    Default Re: Giant Tarpon amongst IGFA hopefuls

    Out our way people fish for blue fin tuna with the fly rod
    While "schoolie" sized fish are normally 20-100 lb. the all tackle record is nearly 1500 lb, or 5 times larger than a record tarpon.
    Due to their incredible value on the Japanese market, blue fins are rarely released and many "anglers" fish for them just to make their boat payments.
    It's sick really
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