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Thread: Gravel dredging in Vermont rivers

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    Default Gravel dredging in Vermont rivers

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    Default Re: Gravel dredging in Vermont rivers

    I would think what is going on there is a violation of federal clean water laws, not to mention environmental impact laws concerning waterways. There used to be a lot of sand & gravel mining here in MD, and the run-off into the rivers was pretty much uncontrolled. Finally, folks got concerned about all the mud, laws were passed & enforced & now there's strict regulations concerning this practice. I would bet the same already is in place in VT!

    Digging gravel in streams & rivers is a quick fix & may help get their roads rebuilt faster, but I would guess the cost in environmental damage will far exceed that resulting from the storm!

    I hope the taxpayers of Vermont & the federal folks who will likely end up involved, hold the Gov, and everyone else accountable, personally, politically & criminally!
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