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    Default Sanderson leaves Hardy & Greys

    Big trade news from the UK - Richard Sanderson, MD of Hardy & Greys is leaving the company after 8 years: Sanderson leaves Hardy & Greys

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    Default Re: Sanderson leaves Hardy & Greys

    Sounds like a financially/politically motivated move.

    It should be interesting to have the company run by a committee; I've seen very few of those situations that have worked out well for either the employees or the shareholders.

    They're certainly making some very nice fresh and saltwater fly rods now under the Hardy brand. And their reels have always been top shelf.


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    Default Re: Sanderson leaves Hardy & Greys

    Not knowing much at all about the business end of Hardy & Greys, what I do know is that within the past 8 years their products have exploded in popularity and exposure over here in the states.
    What puzzles me is how companies can be hurting financially when their labor costs had to have gone down substantially when they opted to do the modern thing and move production to low cost Asian countries.

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