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    Default Re: How To Build Your Own Fly Boxes

    Quote Originally Posted by silver creek View Post
    See my article in our TU Chapter Bulletin:
    I like that idea too! Altoid boxes and Pinking shears. Haven't seen those since my grandma passed away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigCliff View Post
    That's a very nice box on the link, though I'd look hard for one that's just a rectangle, to save the fuss of cutting those insets on the sides.

    I made a waterproof BIG fly box a while back, from a Plano container-

    Cliff, that's another good box. Here's what I got for the tin boat. Plano also. Not sure if it's the same size as yours.

    The box is 14" x 14"
    I use my Cliff's Bugger Barn for the kickboat. Like the idea of the handle for that application.
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    Default Re: How To Build Your Own Fly Boxes

    This was one of my many projects this weekend. I found a clear plastic box with a snap latch and carry handle at Michael's (arts & crafts shop) which is designed for both scrapbookers and for photo collectors. It contains 16 neatly stacked small plastic boxes, all approxiametly 6.5" x 4.5" x 1.25". Michaels had the box as part of a 50% off sale, so I got it for less than $20.

    Copying the original iea in this thread, I also purchased several sheetis of 1/4" foam, which I cut to tightly fit in the bottom of each fly box. I cut slits in the foam, 3/8" apart to hold fly hooks.

    So for less than $25 I now have a storage box system that will hold more flies than I'll be able to tie in a year!

    Thank you for the great idea, Randyflycaster!
    - Rick

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    Default Re: How To Build Your Own Fly Boxes

    great stuff guys, my next big box will be a homemade job for sure



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    Default Re: How To Build Your Own Fly Boxes

    Yep i've been want some new bass boxes for this season an after reading this i'm making my own!!!! Thanks for sharing

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    Default Re: How To Build Your Own Fly Boxes

    Most of my large "overflow" boxes are homemade. I find cheap, suitable boxes in the dollar store or wal-mart in the school supplies as pencil boxes and line them with packing foam.

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    Default Re: How To Build Your Own Fly Boxes

    I did something similar for a boat box myself. I used a slit-foam insert I picked up on close-out from our local Wholesale Sports store, the box and magnetic sheet came from Michael's craft store. I have less than $12 into the box.

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    Default Re: How To Build Your Own Fly Boxes

    this is great ! I love the Altoids Flybox and I am definitely making one of my own!


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    Default Re: How To Build Your Own Fly Boxes

    Nice ideas guys, thanks!

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