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    Default High mountain frogs, trout angling don't mix

    Source: by Julie R. Johnson

    The addition of two more amphibians to the state's endangered species list under the U.S. Endangered Species Act, has the potential to impact the trout angling industry.

    On Friday, the Fish and Game Commission voted unanimously to protect two species of native frogs, the Sierra Nevada yellow-legged frog and the Southern Mountain yellow-legged frog. Collectively the two species of frogs are commonly known as the mountain yellow-legged frog.

    Under protection afforded listed species by the Endangered Species Act, harming or capturing of mountain yellow-legged frogs will be illegal without prior authorization from the Department of Fish and Game.

    Mountain yellow-legged frogs live in lakes, ponds, streams and meadows in the Sierra Nevada, Transverse and Peninsular mountain ranges of California.

    High mountain bodies of water closest to Tehama County that have a mountain yellow-legged frog population sit directly east of Corning in the Bucks Lake Wilderness, said Mitch Lockhart, of the Department of Fish and Game Fisheries Branch.

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    Default Re: High mountain frogs, trout angling don't mix

    "The lakes impacted by the new listing are the aerial stocking program lakes, sites that are stocked by plane due to the remote locations. Those are the ones where we fly over and drop the fish into the waters," Lockhart said. "That is a very small slice of the bodies of water the Department of Fish and Game stocks."
    Should we be surprised that fish can survive being dropped from a plane will eat anything they can find?

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Default Re: High mountain frogs, trout angling don't mix

    The High Mountain Frogs would be a good name for a bluegrass band

    just sayin'
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