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    Default Interesting read: Canada's doing way with the "Penny."

    Long been a fact of life, including here in the US, that it costs more to make a penny than its face value. Appears Canada is just going to do away with the coin.
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    Default Re: Interesting read: Canada's doing way with the "Penny."

    People here must like them.. they tried to get rid of them in 2008 or so.. it failed

    for 2 cents a piece.. considering they last for 30, 40, 50 years.. they're a bargain.. but I hate them anyways.. lol
    Not that they cost too much to make, but they're value is so low, to justify keeping them.. I don't care if they cost .0001 cents each

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    Default Re: Interesting read: Canada's doing way with the "Penny."

    Need penny's to do CCS tests on rods . Or else it will have to be the CNS test.
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    Default Re: Interesting read: Canada's doing way with the "Penny."

    Nobody asked me but they would have got my vote
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