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    Default Men with cancer invited to fly-fishing retreat

    Men dealing with or recovering from cancer are invited to a fly-fishing retreat through Reel Recovery.

    The national nonprofit organization hosts expense-paid retreats for men with any form of cancer or at any stage of recovery or treatment.
    "Any man with any kind of cancer is eligible," said Dr. Dick Wilson, Reel Recovery's Idaho state coordinator.

    Participants join together for a weekend of fly-fishing in a supportive environment.

    There are two local retreats this year: Aug. 3-5 and Sept. 7-9. Both are held at Wild Horse Creek Ranch near Mackay. No fly-fishing experience is required.

    St. Luke's Wood River Foundation is a partner with Reel Recovery in supporting the retreat.

    Sign up online at .

    For questions, contact Wilson, at or by phone at 208-866-2415.
    Paul Sharman
    Fish and Fly Ltd

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    Default Re: Men with cancer invited to fly-fishing retreat

    It's great seeing programs like this develop!

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    Default Re: Men with cancer invited to fly-fishing retreat

    Reel Recovery is a great organization. I have first hand experience as both a "fishing buddy" initially and also as a participant. I first attended a fund raising event for them and was asked to volunteer as a buddy for the next retreat. Went on their website and filled out the information and was then contacted by one of the local coordinators. At the retreat I spent a couple of days assisting a different participant in the morning/ afternoon with their fly fishing. One guy had never had on a pair of waders in his life to a fellow that was a very competent fly fisherman. I received such a blessing being around these guys and giving a couple of days of my time. Fast forward to the summer following that retreat and I email Stan, the executive directo,r to tell him of the passing of one of the participants from that event. He replied back to me and knowing that I have bladder cancer asked me to be a participant in the next retreat in my area. I was hesitant to accept because I had planned on volunteering to be a buddy again. Well I'm glad I got to see what was behind the door. It was a group of guys, many with life-threatening types of cancer, getting real with each other. We were treated like royalty for two and a half days, got to fish an area that we would not have been able to under normal circumstances, and most importantly, were able to bond and support other men that were going through or had been through the stuff that nobody wants to talk about. Go to, find out if there is a retreat somewhere around you. If you are able to volunteer in some manner, you will be blessed, I promise you that. If you are a potential participant, apply, it will put you with a group of men that know what you are going through and give you a chance to share your journey.

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    Default Re: Men with cancer invited to fly-fishing retreat

    Thanks for sharing that - I hope it gives others the courage to perhaps get involved themselves if they had any doubts.
    Paul Sharman
    Fish and Fly Ltd

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